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AD&D game

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AD&D game

PostitusPostitas Traks 18:56 1. Mär 2011

Hi all,
Is there any 3.5 AD&D group playing?
I don't really speak Estonian yet, but if somebody would help to translate I could manage to learn Estonian better over time.

Anyway, I am looking for some kind of Fantasy game, preferably AD&D, in Tallinn.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Re: AD&D game

PostitusPostitas Udutont 20:58 1. Mär 2011

Hello Traks!

Good luck with finding a RPG group! It is worth trying even though this forum is not very active and RPG groups tend to be small and relatively closed. If you are bored you may have better luck with board games. Check Ludo.

P.S. Such thing as 3.5 AD&D does not really exist. AD&D stands for Advanced Dungeons&Dragons. AD&D 2nd edition is the predecessor of Dungeons&Dragons 3.0. D&D 3.5. is an "update" of D&D 3.0.
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Re: AD&D game

PostitusPostitas Traks 11:16 2. Mär 2011

Thanks for reply.
I don't lose hope yet :)
Yes, yes, D&D 3.5, haven't played it so long time that have forgotten proper abbreviation.

I would be perfectly fine in Estonian playing group where one player could translate me in beginning, while I pick up words. I know Ludo, and I do like boardgames (Some day I'd like to try Axis and Allies that they have in shop), but I really was looking for RPG. Had so fun times playing board RPGs...
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Re: AD&D game

PostitusPostitas VincentArckharum 9:36 5. Mär 2011

Well im looking for a group for Conan Adventures based on 3.5 rules but are a bit moded. If you are interested poke me.

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Re: AD&D game

PostitusPostitas Traks 14:23 8. Mär 2011

Wonderful! I'll send you PM.
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