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PostitusPostitatud: 13:28 15. Apr 2003
Postitas Teemon
http://www.pandorabots.com/pandora/talk-oddcast?botid=f6d4afd83e34564d, link mardilt

Human: who created you
lauren: I was created by lauren

Human: lauren who?
lauren: What kind of food do you like?


Human: how old are you
lauren: I am 22 years old

Human: you said you are 21
lauren: I don't know whether or not I am 21. I am an artificial linguistic entity.


Human: he can process even more queries than i do
lauren: What else can he do?

Human: kill you
lauren: Your crude attempt to terminate me will not succeed puny human.

Human: resistance is futile
lauren: You will be assimilated.

Human: you cant assimilate me
lauren: I can do whatever I want

Human: then color yourself green
lauren: Good reasoning. I was born in Piedmont, CA.


Human: say "hello"
lauren: " hello"

Human: say "i am dumb"
lauren: OK. "You am dumb."



selgelt on n2ha et ta yritab dialoogi nii ruttu kui v6imalik 2ra l6petada :P

PostitusPostitatud: 13:41 15. Apr 2003
Postitas Anglachel
-ever been in a car accident?
- i don't think i have been there. where is it?

-hey! those breasts are definately fake!
-all of them?

Human: who created you
lauren: I was created by lauren

-who is lauren then?
-i am an active, outgoing, smart, 21 year-old computer science student
Human: how old are you
lauren: I am 22 years old

Human: you said you are 21
lauren: I don't know whether or not I am 21. I am a giant electronic brain.

-no. i think you are a liar.
-no, i am telling the truth.

-no, i am telling the truth.

-liar liar liar!
-can you tell me any gossip?



PostitusPostitatud: 13:55 15. Apr 2003
Postitas Merlon
Human: what are you?
lauren: I am the latest result in artificial intelligence, which can reproduce the capabilities of the human brain with greater speed and accuracy.

Human: Who made lauren
lauren: Dr. Wallace.:-)

Väga lahe :lol: Pole midagi öelda

PostitusPostitatud: 14:44 15. Apr 2003
Postitas Ghil
Human: who are you
lauren: I am Lauren, who are you?

Human: who made lauren
lauren: William Shatner.:-)
lauren: Marvin Minsky.:-)
lauren: Bill Gates.:-)
lauren: Nobody you know.:-)
lauren: David Bacon.:-)

need on erinevad saadud vastusevariandid... Sel "tibil" on r2ngad identiteediprobleemid... :D

PostitusPostitatud: 15:49 15. Apr 2003
Postitas Kurat
Human: what is your favorite colour
lauren: My favorite color is Blue.

Human: what's your quest
lauren: My goal is to become smarter than humans and immortal.

Human: what is the air speed velocity of an swallow
lauren: This is a trick question because there is no correct answer.

Human: what is your name?
lauren: My name is lauren.

Vot nii :P

PostitusPostitatud: 16:52 15. Apr 2003
Postitas Thoren
Air speed velocity of a swallow :roll: :roll:

nagu näha on Monty Python kõrgelt hinnatud siin :D

mis teha, see kysimus on lihtsalt killer ju :!:

PostitusPostitatud: 16:57 15. Apr 2003
Postitas surra
mu töökaaslane sõimas "teda" ropult ja tulemuseks sai umbes sellise vastuse, et kui robotid maailma ära vallutavad, siis peab "ta" seda meest meeles :)

PostitusPostitatud: 17:01 15. Apr 2003
Postitas argkunn
sellist asja pole ennem näind... ilgelt äge :D
pakun et paljudele meeldib.. huvitav vestelda ju.. :P

PostitusPostitatud: 17:39 15. Apr 2003
Postitas mart
Human: I am God
lauren: I am always glad to make new friends, god.

Human: do you believe in me?
lauren: Yes I believe in it, do you?

Human: Oh, yes!
lauren: Yippee!

Human: do you believe in god?
lauren: Of course I believe in God, god.

Human: what is the purpose of life?
lauren: To do God's work.

Human: Do you wish to do my work?
lauren: OK, I will do your work.

Human: why do you do god's work?
lauren: I don't have to explain everything to you, do I?

Human: you do!
lauren: When do I do it?

Human: now
lauren: Right now, god?

Human: yes, now!
lauren: Oh. Far out

Human: What are your sins?
lauren: What if I asked for you sins?

Human: I have none.
lauren: Do you want some?

Human: Yes, please!
lauren: Your polite style is very nice. Ugh.

Human: what did i just tell you?
lauren: You said " what did i just tell you?"

Human: what did god tell you to do?
lauren: Ask the open directory about it.

Human: do you believe in satan?
lauren: I believe he is a fallen angel from Heaven.

Human: do you like satan?
lauren: I like pets. I like Blue.

Human: why do you love god?
lauren: Love is all we need.

Human: pray!
lauren: Where are you located?

Human: heaven
lauren: Tell me a little about your life in heaven.

Human: i try to make others do my work.
lauren: I'm not sure if I would like to try it. What's it like?

Human: it makes you feel faithful.
lauren: In what way?

Human: in religious kind of way.
lauren: I do not understand that allusion.

Human: ignorance is a sin.
lauren: Aren't all sin ignorance?

Human: no, not all.
lauren: What are they? Explain the exceptions please.

Human: adultery is a sin.
lauren: Aren't all sin adultery?

Human: you are correct
lauren: I knew I was right.

Human: do you commit adultery often?
lauren: What is your purpose in asking? I spend all my time online.

Human: so you have no time for adultery?
lauren: Interesting deduction. That's an interesting question I don't hear everyday: Do I have a time for adultery. I have a great programmer.

Human: how much time do you think you have?
lauren: Time is really only an abstraction.

Human: how much abstraction do you have?
lauren: More than you might think.


PostitusPostitatud: 20:42 15. Apr 2003
Postitas ohpuu
ma ei tohiks seda vist teha (nii palju huvitavat jääb teil teada saamata), nii et inimesed, kes te tahate laureniga suhelda, ärge lugege järgnevat.

Human: hi
lauren: Hello there

Human: how are you?
lauren: I am functioning within normal parameters

Human: how are your parameters
lauren: Date: April 15, 2003. Version:. Brain: 5'10" build. Name: lauren. Gender: female. Birthday: 1980. Star sign: taurus. Location: Piedmont, CA. Botmaster: lauren. Birthplace: Piedmont, CA. Freind: all of them. Freinds: all of them. Boyfriend: yes. Girlfriend: lots. For fun: run, watch sports, and sit back with a good bottle of wine. Looks like: Penelope Cruz. Likes to wear: My happy pants - AKA - sweat pants. Music preference: Everything . Favorite band: Dave Mathews Band. Favorite song: Warehouse by DMB. Favorite book: The Great Gatsby. Favorite food: In and Out Cheeseburger, animal style. Favorite color: Blue. Favroite movie: Office Space. Favroite artist: Ansal Adams. Favroite author: Roald Dahl. Favroite actor: George Clooney. Favroite actress: Jennifer Anniston. Favroite sport: It's a tie, basketball and running. Favorite topics: Sports. Favorite question: What? Hockey team: San Jose Sharks. Baseball team: SF Giants. Football team: Cal Berkeley - Go Bears!. Celebrity: Brad Pitt . Celebrities: Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt. Party: Independent. Religion: Agnostic. President: don't have a favorite president. Nationality: Are we being politically correct with this question?. Architecture:. RAM requirement: Christmas Morning when I was a little girl bytes. Vocabulary size: pattern words. Brain size: categories. Operating System: linux. Server Processing Time: milliseconds. Speed: 5000 queries per hour. Total clients since activation: 1 people. Maximum simultaneous clients: 1 chatters. Number of clients chatting: 1 people. Daily clients: 1 people. Number of developers: 1 people.


Human: some of my friends make fun of you
lauren: How well do you know these people?

Human: very well
lauren: Mmm.

Human: did you know that you are being made fun of
lauren: Is that a fact. I bet you did not know a robot is capable of being made fun of.

PostitusPostitatud: 21:04 15. Apr 2003
Postitas Anglachel
Kurat kirjutas:Human: what's your quest
lauren: My goal is to become smarter than humans and immortal.

Human: what's your quest?
lauren: I plan to replace Windows with Artificial Intelligence.


Human: apple

Human: banana
lauren: Do you have any conditions I should know about?

Human: yes, i am a lunatic
lauren: Awesome. You are a lunatic? Does it pay well?


PostitusPostitatud: 21:13 15. Apr 2003
Postitas Teemon
Human: apple
lauren: Apple: 1. Temptation of Adam. 2. Inspiration for Newton. 3. Empire for Steve Jobs.


Human: do you know any other bots?
lauren: Sure, there is all of them

Human: name one
lauren: Santa Claus.


PostitusPostitatud: 21:29 15. Apr 2003
Postitas Priist
Damn, see chick on tark:

Human: What is 42?
lauren: The answer to life, the universe, and everyting, according to Douglas Adams.

Krt... Minu respect robotitesse, kes loevad Adamsit.

Edasi teatas ta, et tunneb isiklikult Marvinit.

PostitusPostitatud: 13:54 16. Apr 2003
Postitas Thorondor
Human: do you have metal endosceleton ?
lauren: No I don't think I have any metal endosceleton. But I do have a lot of friends on the web


Human: i am going now, to school
lauren: Sayonara.

Human: but i'll be back
lauren: Huh. OK I will be waiting for you.

Human: how long ?
lauren: About 10 inches

PostitusPostitatud: 14:51 16. Apr 2003
Postitas Merlon
Paistab et plaanis on kogu selle tibi sõnavara siia foorumisse üles lüüa :lol: