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Warhammer 40.000 Tournament in Riga, 2-3.06.2012!!!

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Warhammer 40.000 Tournament in Riga, 2-3.06.2012!!!

PostitusPostitas Lotric 17:02 18. Mai 2012

Warhammer 40.000 Tournament!!!

"Games Shop" is inviting all to participate in the Warhammer 40.000 Tournament, which will take place on June 2nd-3rd 2012 (2 days!) in the premises of our gaming club in the heart of Old Riga (“Games Shop”, Z.A. Meierovica boulevard 16, Riga, Latvia).
All participants please submit your registration inquiries to until May 31st 2012.

Tournament Plan:

1st tournament day:

10.00 — Participants Arrival, Preparations to the Games.
11.00 — 13.30 — First Game.
13.30 — 14.00 — Lunch Break.
14.00 — 16.30 — Second Game.
16.30 — 17.00 — Coffee Break (Coffee, Tea and Sweets provided by Games Shop).
17.00 — 19.30 —Third Games.

2nd tournament day:

11.00 —Arrival. Preparations to the Games.
12.00 — 14.30 — First Game.
14.30 — 15.00 — Lunch Break.
15.00 — 17.30 — Second Game.
17.30 — And The Winner Is…..!!! Celebration, prizes! Coffee and Sweets in a friendly atmosphere!

Participation Fee (2 days):
10 LVL (or 15 EUR) per person if registrated until May 31st 2012;
12 LVL (or 18 EUR) per person if registrated on June 1st 2012.

Tournament Rules:

1. The teams shall play 3 games on the first day and 2 more games on the second day of the tournament.

The games will use standard WH40K scenarios.

2. Victory is determined by using the standard ETC rules. (Max 20 points per game. +5 points for a fully painted army, +5 points for WYSIWYG)

3. The tournament uses 2vs2 team format. Forge World rules are NOT allowed.

4. Each team has 2000 points in total, distributed in the following way: Mandatory 900 points per player + 200 more points, which can be used as the team wishes.

5. The team uses a single Force Organization Chart. That is, minimum FOC requirements and max FOC allowances are per team, not per player.

6. Army-wide special rules work for the team as a whole – even if you use a completely different codex. (Such as, IG giving orders to their Space Marine allies, Ork Big Mek’s force field giving a cover save to the Necrons and so forth.) Also, one player’s Independent characters can join the other player’s units and use their dedicated transports. Basically, everything the team has on the field is considered a single army for all intents and purposes.

7. WYSIWYG is welcome, but not mandatory. It should be clear which models are using any special weapons though.

8. Entry cost: 10Ls per team if pre-registering, 12Ls on the tournament day.

9. Learn-to-play rule: This rule is enforced to ensure that the younger players wouldn’t slow the game down and irritate other participants 1) Every action can only be done in the phase it should be done. (unless the codex states otherwise) – if you forgot to do something, you can’t do that later. 2) All dice which fall on the floor must be re-rolled 3) All units for whom you’ve forgotten to roll the reserves roll count as being destroyed, but the enemy doesn’t get any VP’s or KP’s for them. 4) All actions must be done in a way that’s completely clear to the opponent. 5) In case of an argument, the one who has called the judge has the priority of explaining the situation.

10. Boot Camp rule: All teams are required to submit their army rosters to the head judge for inspection, and are required to change them in case of any mistakes.

12. The 12th rule: Rules as Thought are more important than Rules as Written. (Because in the old Daemonhunter’s codex days, there were people who said that a Daemon Prince isn’t a daemon and that SM terminators do not wear terminator armor.)
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Re: Warhammer 40.000 Tournament in Riga, 2-3.06.2012!!!

PostitusPostitas Lotric 5:30 1. Juun 2012

Due to numerous requests from participants, tournament postponed to June 9-10.
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